Friday, December 5, 2014

A Bit of Fridge Organization

While I was putting away my groceries, I thought I'd show you how I store some things in my refrigerator to make things easier for me and my family.  I made a video about it, and I'll link that in this post.

I already did a blog post on my Sandwich Box, and I invite you to read about it and how it came into existence.

Our current sandwich box is on the left, and our current cheese box is on the right.

The first portion of the video describes our cheese box.  We use a ton of cheese, and I buy mostly blocks of cheese.  I don't really care for the taste of pre-shredded cheese.  They put some sort of anti-clumping agent on it, and I think that it changes the taste of it.  My husband says that I am a food snob sometimes, but I really can tell the difference.

Here's a little tip least this works in our house.  I find that my kids actually use less cheese if they have to grate it themselves!  I don't know if that's actually a good thing or not, because it really implies that they are lazy!  :)  LOL

Seriously, though, they seem to use less, and therefore, consume less fat.  I think it's funny...I mean, long does it really take to grate a block of cheese?  A couple of minutes?

If I do find that I need large amounts of shredded cheese, I pull out my food processor and let the machine grate it for me.

Thanks, and welcome to my world!

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