Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mexican Chicken Bake - What's for Dinner

I made a video a week or so ago describing some freezer meals that I love to make.  One of them was a dish called Mexican Chicken Bake.  Here's the video for it and some other dishes.

I used one of those dishes for dinner tonight.  Actually, I used two bags because the kids had some friends over.  There were no leftovers for this one, folks!  Well, that isn't really true.  I had enough to make one extra burrito, and I've put it in the freezer for after-school snacks.  (I'll tell what I do there in another post at some point.)

This is a delicious and very easy meal.  The kids absolutely love it!!!!

Here's how to finish the dish:

Hope you enjoy.

Thanks, and welcome to my world.

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